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Drones in the Rotorverse!

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1Drones in the Rotorverse! Empty Drones in the Rotorverse! on Thu Mar 19, 2015 1:08 pm


Hey guys!

Just pooled some stuff that David, Chad and the community created re: the different drone types. I tried to elaborate, but I don't actually know a lot about if you want to read through this and make any suggestions, it'd be greatly appreciated! Smile

Medical delivery drones

The medical delivery drones were developed by Sky Medix before the outbreak. They are autonomous 450 size quads powered by arc pellets. They fly pre programmed routes delivering vaccines to the population. After the outbreak decimated the population, the medical delivery drones continued to fly their missions, dropping vaccines at their designated locations though there wasn’t anybody left to use them. They fly at a medium speed, impact-detecting propellers and have a sophisticated object avoidance system because they fly at low altitudes. Because they run on arc pellets, the survivors hunt and catch these drones for their coveted power source.

Messenger drones

Messenger drones are solar powered 250 sized quadcopters with built-in batteries that recharge at solar power towers. They fly quickly and are programmed to fly to GPS coordinates. They have a compartment where portable video recording devices can be inserted to easily transport video messages. They are easy to modify to Radio Control, and for that reason, there are commonly repurposed into race quads for the underground drone races. Some of the early prototypes of the messenger drones were converted into courier drones that rushed blood samples to the hospital.

Fire prevention drones

Fire prevention drones are 450 size quadcopters powered by built-in batteries that recharge at solar power towers. They use FLAIR cameras and other sensors to detect fires, and were primarily used to fly in high risk fire areas. They can shoot small CO2 cartridges to “explode” fires, and alerted firefighters of out of control fires. Though these drones still exist, they are much less common than the medical delivery drones and messenger drones, and largely ignored by the survivors because they are not arc-powered.

Cargo drones

Cargo drones are large hexacopters with huge propellers that are extremely efficient. They fly high and slowly, and are powered by multiple arc pellets. They are used to move multiple items simultaneously, as well as to move heavy items. They don’t fly around people because there are not safe for humans, which makes them much more difficult to catch. Some people still try to catch these large, dangerous drones because they are powered by multiple arc pellets, but the success rate is very low.

Survey drones

Survey drones are 450 size quadcopters with rechargeable batteries and a 360° moving stabilized camera. They fly around, observing. They fly high and are extremely quiet. Their stealth makes them largely ignored by the survivors, though the footage is still being recorded. It is unknown who is privy to this footage.

Long term surveillance drones

Long term surveillance drones are large, jet black fixed wing Kraken powered by solar cells on the top. Like their quadcopter counterparts, these drones have 360° moving stabilized camera and fly high altitude stealth missions. Originally used by police, they continue to fly autonomous missions and record footage, but it is unknown who has access to the footage. Though they are fully autonomous, Rick was able to hijack one and connected it to his own FPV.

High altitude mapping drones

High altitude mapping drones are large, fixed wing drones that fly slowly at extremely high altitudes. They were used to map areas and search for potential mineral deposits. They are powered by built-in batteries that recharge at solar power towers, and were instrumental in searching for arcanum mines.

Search and rescue drones

Search and rescue drones are hexacopters equipped with heat scanners that fly around trying to find missing people. They are powered by built-in rechargeable batteries. Originally used by police forces to track down suspects, during the outbreak they were primarily used to find missing people. Bounty hunters like Jeremiah Moses have repurposed these drones to be used as tracker drones with advanced tracking technology.

Weather research drones

Weather research drones are solar-powered quadcopters that fly straight up into the clouds gathering data. Before the outbreak, they were used by the National Weather Service to measure humidity and pressure, as well as to monitor storm systems. These drones continue to fly missions and gather data, though the computers processing the data are no longer operational. They fly three missions a day from designated weather centers.

Wildlife protection drones

Wildlife protection drones are solar-powered Y6 copters powered by rechargeable built-in batteries. Before the outbreak, they were used by the Environmental Protection Agency in an attempt to stop people hunting endangered species. After the outbreak, these drones became problematic because people had to resort to hunting in order to survive. This caused the wildlife protection drones to classify the animals as endangered and inhibiting people hunting for survival. The survivors began aggressively trying to disable these drones, and succeeded after a few months. These drones were scrapped for components, and are no longer operational.

Scarab drones

Scarab drones are tiny quadcopters powered by rechargeable batteries and used to detect traps and people in rooms. They are the size of the old Nano QX, and were used as a disposable way to detect traps. They use biometric sensors to detect people in the room, and have an LED that turns from green to red upon detection. Before the outbreak, they were used by the military


2Drones in the Rotorverse! Empty Re: Drones in the Rotorverse! on Thu Mar 19, 2015 1:18 pm


How about a google doc? I like google docs! Very Happy

After a quick read I see some minor tweaks but one thing that stood out; I recommending keeping Arc specific to the medical drones in the hands of Sky Medix.

3Drones in the Rotorverse! Empty Re: Drones in the Rotorverse! on Thu Mar 19, 2015 1:24 pm


Alrighty, I think the only other one that had arc pellets was the large cargo-ey one.

Google doc here:

4Drones in the Rotorverse! Empty Re: Drones in the Rotorverse! on Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:10 pm


Fyi...there are big cargo and military drones used today...see some websites like: Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman... I think you'll be amazed Wink

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